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  • Tons of Summer Camp Fun!
  • Focus on aspects of communication that matter to YOU!
  • Make lifelong friends!
  • Feel successful as a communicator!
  • Participate in Communicative Leadership Training for teens entering grades 9-12.
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Information for High School Age Campers

Option #1: Leader-In-Training (LIT)

Teens entering grades 9-12 may choose to enroll in the popular LIT program. This LIT program provides unique and powerful opportunities for teens to strengthen skills in communication, problem solving, leadership, relationship building, and character development. Through observation, mentoring and hands-on practice teens gain knowledge and skills that equip them to be leaders at camp and beyond.

LITs participate in individual, small, and large group therapeutic and recreational activities.  LITs participate in team building, water based and other physical activities.

Option #2: Traditional Camp Program

Teens entering grades 9-12 may choose to enroll as a traditional camper and will follow the general camper schedule while engaging in age-appropriate activities.


We Want You At Camp Shout Out!

Camp Dates: August 1-7, 2021

Fee for ALL Campers: $900
All fees include a $100 non-refundable deposit

Camp Shout Out is 6 nights and 7 days in length. Fees include all food, lodging, materials, therapeutic and recreational activities, and family education.

Due to the generosity of our sponsors, private donors, and professionals committed to Camp Shout Out we have been able to keep the price of camp much lower than the actual cost.

Financial assistance is available for those in need. A scholarship application, available during registration, must be completed in order for a camper to be considered for financial assistance.

How To Register:

Please click on 'contact' at the top of the page, complete the form and a registration link will be emailed to you.

Camper Registration Opens January 1, 2021

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What matters most about kids being able to communicate is that kids being able to communicate matters!!!

Camp Shout Out is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and as such can obtain donations which are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Donations are gratefully accepted online or you may send checks payable Camp Shout Out to:

Camp Shout Out
PO Box 1814
Muskegon, MI 49443